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Laser Scanning, Modeling, & Drone services that produce results.

scanning that produces results

At RZA Technologies, we watch Engineers, Architects and Designers successfully implement our laser scanning and CAD modeling services on a daily basis. Through our extensive experience, we have developed a process that produces results you can depend upon again and again. We have one of the most successful track records in the 3D laser scanning and 3D CAD modeling industries because the services we provide truly produce real-world, cost-effective solutions.

What We Offer


Laser Scanning

Our early adoption of laser scanning technology has secured its place as the industry leader in providing clients with the appropriate laser scanning solution for their projects.

Dimensional Control

We provide dimensional control survey services for industrial, manufacturing and commercial projects to reduce risk and solve challenges.

3D Modeling

Our model team is one of the most experienced in the industry. We evolved by working across software platforms, developing work flows, and creating 3D solid models in various industry sectors. Industries depend on us to provide comprehensive, detailed solid models that reflect their environments and are used for various 3D purposes.

Coordination & Analysis

Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling provide the foundation for enhanced coordination among engineers, contractors, architects, developers, and planners. With a solid information foundation, communication between the key stakeholders and the trades can result in improved coordination, reduced rework and more accurate scheduling.
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Precision in Action


1. Goal Assessment

We begin with an assessment of your desired outcome. Next, we estimate the amount of effort required to achieve 100% coverage with no gaps. Finally, we provide a fixed cost to deliver your finished product.

2. Field Services

We provide data and models verified by rigorous measurement techniques performed by trained staff. Our project technicians are the most highly trained specialists in the industry.

3. Post Processing

We deliver point clouds optimized for your specific needs. Fully registered files in multiple database formats to light weight generic point clouds for ease of use. Additionally, 3D solid models, a hybrid approach, or even 2D detail drawings for fabrication, may fit the end user’s needs.

4. Customized Deliverables

We provide any type of point cloud or CAD model in the market today. Our experience includes processing software suites from all of the major vendors including; AVEVA/LFM, Leica Cyclone/Autodesk products, PDMS, and PolyWorks.

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